Writing and the Threshold of Life

To live on the threshold is to live in a place in-between our inner self and the outer world. It is certainly not comfortable because it means to live in a state of uncertainty where everything can happen.

For the artist, to live on the threshold means to leave behind him all his certainties, to let the world jostle him. By doing so he will know and understand himself and the world in a different and more profound way. This state of in-betweeness must be accompanied by a constant curiosity and by an attitude of wonder, even in front of the simplest things.

The world is so extraordinary that we can’t even understand completely the smallest thing. The flower petal that I pick on the ground is more complex than the finest piece of machinery ever designed; even its existence is a mystery!
When an artist lives on this threshold he discovers his own smallness and his own greatness at the same time.

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