Bernard Duc is a Swiss composer, conductor, and orchestrator who works at the forefront of film and concert music.

Insatiably curious, he is constantly looking to expand his knowledge, build experience, and tackle new challenges. Recently, this led him to orchestrate for the BBC Proms and for the movie Gran Turismo. He has also conducted symphonic concerts in the famous Auditorium Stravinki of Montreux, including new concert music he was commissioned. Finally, as a frequent collaborator of Lorne Balfe and 14th Street Music he has written additional music and arrangements for a wide array of TV productions including fantasy series (His Dark Materials), comedies (Man vs Bee), documentaries (Victoria Secret: Angels and Demons, Horsepower, The Greatest Game), or yet crime thrillers (A Town Called Malice). This gives him the opportunity to continuously tackle new styles of music and storytelling while also growing as a musician and collaborator. 

Bernard embraces technology as a creative key to unlock new sonic and interactive possibilities. When needed, he doesn’t mind developing his own computer tools and he is always willing to push the limits of technology. He particularly enjoys collaborating with other people and art forms. More than anythings, he loves reaching out and sharing his love of music and especially his love of the orchestra with as many people as possible! This led him to organize and conduct, while he was still in college, a flash mob with the Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra which has been seen more than 3 million times.

This love of sharing also motivated him to organize and produce PERSPECTIVE London, a symposium that gathered on two occasions professionals of the European film scoring industry. Finally, he enjoys sharing his experience with other musicians and has given presentations and masterclasses in places such as as the ZHdK in Zurich or University High School in Los Angeles.