About Me

It is always difficult for me to explain what I am doing or where I stand as a musician. One day I am writing music for a big budget TV, the next day I am conducting an orchestra in Boston, and still another day you might find me writing a piece of concert music, orchestrating a feature movie or for the BBC Proms. The rest of the time I could be creating my own virtual instruments, exploring new technologies or developing my own computer tools to compose music more effectively. I love exploring, I love expanding my comfort zone and I love pushing the boundaries!

Because of this mindset my output can be eclectic and it is difficult for me to describe my work in musical terms, at least at this point of my career. The same way I speak five languages, I also love learning and using different musical approaches. What remains is the passion and love I put in my music. When I compose I always have a clear dramatic intent in mind: I want every note I write, every sound I create to carry this meaning, to create a coherent whole. My music can depict a story, or it can be abstract, it can open the listener to something else or it can be a mirror of one’s interior life, the context and the intent change, but it is always saying something!

As a conductor I have the same mindset. My work is not to barely get a technically good performance but to let the music express what it has to say. It means that at all times I need to have a clear intention but also the humility to let the music speak by itself. The work with an orchestra is a unique experience and every concert or recording session is a new journey that we make together. My role is not so much to tell the players what to do than to make them discover with me what the music has to say and to find together a way to express it as clearly as we can.